Magento no doubt is a huge e-commerce and the most popular frameworks. It was most used e-commerce platform at the time of writing this post.

Let us install Magento 1.9 on our Windows machine with sample data.

  1. Download XAMPP from here and install. This will install Apache Server & MySQL as well as some other utilities. ( you can also use wampp )
  2. Start XAMPP-Control Panel and click Start against Apache & MySQL.
  3. Download Magento and sample data from here.
  4. Create a new database named magentostore using phpmyadmin or any other UI tool like HeidiSql.
    1. Start your web browser and navigate to the url:
    2. Click New link and enter magentostore in the Database name field. Select utf8_general_ci as Collation or simply click Create button.
    3. Now click the Home button at the top left of the page and then click the Users tab.
    4. Click Add User link at the bottom and enter  magentouser as username magentopassword as password.
    5. For now, click Check All for all privileges. Click Go at the bottom right.
  5. OK, we are now ready to install Magento.
  6. Extract Magento zip file into the xampp\htdocs folder. Rename it to magentostore.
  7. Make sure you can see directories like app, media directly under magentostore directory.
  8. Copy the media and skin folder from the sample data directory to your magentostore directory. Overwrite the existing directories ( it will actually add )
  9. Import the magento_sample_data sql file to your database using phpmyadmin or any UI tool of your choice. Let’s do this with phpmyadmin for now. Open phpmyadmin and select your database. Then click on Import tab and browse the file:

    Then click the Go button and your file will be imported.
    If you get an error that file is too big to upload, open your php.ini file and modify the line:


    to something like:

  10. Now, start your web browser and navigate to the url:
  11. Follow the onscreen instructions and your store should be ready.