Hi, in this post, we will see how we can use CSV sheet to create and manage products. Creating products from the admin panel one by one is a long process. Sheets make it simple and super fast.
I’m using Magento 1.9 here but should be similar in previous versions as well.

Here are the steps for it:

Exporting products

  1. Login to Magento admin panel
  2. Go to System -> Import/Export -> Dataflow – Profiles
  3. Click onĀ Export All Products
  4. You can specify here the server type, filename, filters etc.
  5. Click Run Profile and then Run Profile in Popup
  6. The exported data file will be created in your project’s var\export folder
  7. Now, you can see the data in the file, edit it or add more products here.

Importing products

  1. First of all, export a CSV by following the above mentioned points. Make sure this time you use filter to export a single product.
    This will give us the required CSV for import without lot of data. For example, under Export Filters, enter SKU value of a product.
  2. Now replace the existing record with new product information.
  3. To provide images, we need to create a new folder under media/import.
    Let us assume the name of product is Motorola Nexus 6, create a new folder named motorola-nexus-6 (or any name you want) under media/import.
    Now, put three images to represent image, small image and thumbnail image. Let us assume the names are:


    Now, in the CSV file, under image column, enter: /motorola-nexus-6/motorola-nexus-6.jpg
    Similarly provide small_image and thumbnail column values.
    Magento will automatically pick images from the media/import folder.

  4. Now go to System -> Import/Export -> Dataflow – Profiles
  5. Click on Import All Products
  6. Click on Upload File
  7. Browse your file to upload and click Save and Continue Edit button at the top
  8. Now, click Run Profile on the left menu
  9. Choose your uploaded file from the drop down and click Run Profile in Popup button
  10. After the process is completed, refresh your index and cache.
  11. Go to System -> Index Management, select all check boxes, Actions => Reindex Data, now click Submit.
  12. Now, go to System -> Cache Management -> select all check boxes, Action => Refresh, click Submit.
  13. You should now see new product(s) with images.