Hi, in this post we will set up Python programming environment on a Windows machine.

  1. First of all, download Python setup for Windows from the following link: Download Python
  2. After downloading, run the setup. We will be downloading and installing Python 3.5.0 64-bit version here.

  3. Next download PyCharm which is a great Python IDE. Download from here and install.
  4. Now, start PyCharm and create a new project

  5. Now we will create our first python program. Right click on your project -> New -> Python File. Give it the name first (extension will be automatically added).

  6. Now write following code in the file for basic input and output demonstration:
    name = input("Enter your name : ")
    print("Hello " + name)
  7. Now right click anywhere in the code window and click Run ‘first’. Enter your name and Python will say hello to you.